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    Joseph Bacala

    Place of birth – Baton Rouge, LA (1989)

    Height/Weight – 5’ 10″, 160lbs

    Cycling specialty – Stage Races, Time Trials

    Favorite pre ride meal – Eggs and bananas

    Musical Instruments played – Guitar and toy accordions

    Favorite activity other than cycling – Hiking in the Sandia Mountains with my wife and dogs

    First learned to ride a bike – I was four when I ditched the training wheels.  They just weren’t aero enough.

    Favorite beverage – Coffee!

    First Race/Result – 2011 LSU Collegiate Invitational Team TT Men’s B – 1st place

    Ivan Garcia


    Place of birth – Sonsonate, El Salvador (1985)

    Height/Weight – 5’7″, 123lbs

    Cycling specialty – Climber

    Favorite post ride meal – Home made pasta

    Favorite movie – Scarface

    Favorite cycling movie – The Program

    Longest training block – 750 miles in 1 week

    First bike – all white 1999 Benotto

    Long term cycling goals – to stay fast as long as I can!

    Favorite training route – Kyle Canyon (Mt. Charleston) near Las Vegas

    I was born and raised in El Salvador.  At the age of 14, I started competing in Triathlons, which opened the door for my love of cycling.  I joined the El Salvador Cycling National Team in 2001.  I raced in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

    My most memorable race was in 2002 at a Coast to Coast 3-stage race in Honduras. The first stage was 135km and I attacked on a hill climb about 100km in. About 5km to the finish, I was caught by 2 riders, and finished third.  The second stage was 145km. At a hill climb, all four of my team members attacked and finished 1-4, taking the name of “The Fantastic 4”.  The third stage was 180km but I flatted and finished 5 minutes behind the peloton.  Still I won the King of the Mountain jersey there and still have it hanging in my closet along with newspaper article clippings from the race.

    I won several races after that in El Salvador but took a break from cycling to pursue a better life in the United States.  I have been living in Las Vegas for the last 16 years.  Aside from cycling, I love to cook, especially nutritious meals.  I am married to the most beautiful woman and have a little angel for a daughter who keeps me busy away from the bike.

    Raul Arias

    Place of birth – East Palo Alto, CA (1995)

    Height/Weight – 5’11″, 135lbs

    Cycling specialty – All arounder

    Top 3 Finishes – First place Red kite bump Criterium,  3rd place Dash for cash Criterium, 1st Track Nationals

    Favorite Movie – Only the Brave

    Favorite Dessert – Chocolate Lava Cake

    Favorite Actress – Ana de Armas


    Enrique Adalpa

    Place of birth – Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico (1991)

    Height/Weight – 5’9″, 154lb

    Cycling specialty – All arounder

    Top 3 finishes – 1st place Bellegen Belgium Classic Elite, Mexican National Champion TT U23, First place Stage 3 Tour de Murrieta 2013

    Favorite post ride meal – Spaghetti & Pizza

    Favorite Pro Cyclists – Alejandro Valverde or Tom Boonen

    Favorite sport (other) – Baseball

    Favorite cycling movie – American Flyers

    Most influential person – My Grandfather

    Thomas Wavrin

    Place of birth –  Coon Rapids, MN (1995)

    Height/Weight – 5’11”, 133lbs

    Cycling specialty – Climber, Stage Racer

    Top 3 finishes – 9th Tour of the Gila GC 1/2 — 5th Stage @ Tour of the Gila — 9th Stage @ Joe Martin Stage Race

    Favorite post ride meal – Food, I’m not really picky in that way.  After racing I stick with liquid calories due to an odd stomach

    Favorite movie – The Three Amigos I can watch again and again but Arsenic and Old Lace is the absolute classic

    Favorite cycling film – World Cycling Productions Tour de France 2007 “The Tour Rediscovered” – This isn’t technically a movie but it is the best 12 hours of cycling found on DVD

    Favorite sport (other than cycling) – I would have a hard time picking between soccer, figure skating and downhill skiing

    Favorite Dessert – Hotel Sacher torte – Any good chocolate cake works but this one is at the top of the list by a large margin

    First bike – It was a red Gary Fisher kids bike – I can’t remember the model but think very small since I was three

    Solo or Group training – Solo, I have nothing against a group but living in the rural upper midwest for a long time one gets used to the tranquility of riding alone

    First race – Ken Woods Memorial Road Race in 2011

    Most influential person(s) – My parents


    Joseph Garey

    Place of birth – Tehuacán, Mexico (1995)
    Height/Weight – 6′ 162 pounds
    Cycling specialty – “all arounder”

    Most satisfying result – Castiac Road Race, I placed 11th. I didn’t win, but I was really happy with my performance against some top notch climbers. One of my break through races

    Most awkward cycling moment – wearing my bib shorts inside out for my first ride!  Ahaha

    Pre race ritual – I down a bottle of beet juice and listen to my “get you some” playlist on Spotify

    Fav training ride – I enjoy doing a Lake Mead loop and coming over sunrise mountain to get back into Vegas.. All uninterrupted and lots of rolling hills

    Long term cycling goal – Make it as far as I possibly can as a professional and sharing this wonderful sport with as many people possible

    How long to Change a flat – I’ve been around a few flats. Give me a co2 ready at hand and I get you back on the road in around 1:30-2 minutes!

    Favorite beverage – can I pick two? A nice hot black coffee in the morning and a le croix (any flavor except coconut)

    Last time/place I had fast food – does Chipotle count?  If it does, last week on the way back home from Tucson Bicycle Classic… If it doesn’t, maybe about 3-4 years ago!

    Last Poster on wall – I had a sweet Pokémon poster back in the day when I was 12-13 years old. What a nice treat to wake up to every morning.. Gotta bring that back

    John Garbo

    Place of birth – West Covina, Ca (1974)

    Height/Weight – 5’7″ 150 lbs

    Cycling specialty – sprinter

    First race bike – Diamondback Jr. Turbo (mid 80’s)

    I like to snow ski when not riding a favorite crit practice

    Goals are to help the guys on the team and stay as fast as I can before I retire to master races.  Mostly train solo and love bacon cheeseburgers

    Ian Holt

    Place of birth – Bethlehem, PA (1982)

    Height/Weight – 5’8″, 160lbs (explains why Thomas crushes me on the climbs)

    Cycling specialty – All arounder / track rider now

    Hardest race completed – I’ve raced for too many years to know the hardest race I’ve completed.. probably something in Belgium but the Tour of Utah crit was brutal

    Last book read – The Martian

    First road bike – Tomassini

    Favorite sport (other) – Ice hockey

    First race – a collegiate race in New Mexico

    Long term cycling goals – to stay fast as long as I can!

    Solo or Group training – Solo training most of the time, group training once or twice a week

    How long to change a flat – About 2 minutes

     Last time I had fast food – I eat In and Out way too much

    Rex Roberts

    Place of birth – Berkeley, CA (1988)

    Height/Weight – 5’10”, 160lbs

    Cycling specialty – “punchuer

    Hardest Race completed – Lake Elizabeth Road Race in 40mph winds and Zipp 404s

    First Road Bike – 2006 Specialized Allez Comp

    First Race – Boulevard Road Race (3rd)

    Favorite (other) sport – Skateboarding

    Favorite Beverage – Kombucha

    Favorite Food – Granola

    Favorite Band – Deftones

    Solo or group training – Group

    Occupation – User Experience Designer

    Pet – Fat Orange Tabby (Beezy)

    Last sports figure poster on bedroom wall – Michael Jordan

    Anthony Fitch

    Place of birth – San Dimas, CA (1995)

    Height/Weight – 5′ 6.5″, about 140lbs

    Strengths – “All around specialist”

    Hardest race completed – Tour of Gila stage race 2016 Cat 1/2

    First race – Ontario Grand Prix in Ontario, CA (8th place)

    Favorite training ride – Glendora Mountain Road to Mt Baldy Village, on a foggy June morning when you ride through the clouds and ride above them

    How long to change flat – 2.5 min with a co2 pump of course!

    Favorite beverage – Horchata

    Long term cycling goal – Become the best I can be

    Favorite thing to do while not training/racing – hike and explore the San Gabriel Mountains

    Most satisfying result – 16th Tour of Gila 2016 Stage 1

    Favorite race – (The Gila) is my favorite result due to the fact that it became my favorite race!